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Polka Palooza featuring Alex Meixner and the Guitar Slingers

  • Evergreen Country Club Inc, 415 Hartz Road Fleetwood, PA, 19522 United States (map)

Tickets: $20

Polkas are a popular part of music and dance culture around the world and in the context of Americana, polkas reflect the wonderful blending of old-world traditions with new-world exuberance.

One of the hottest polka bands on the planet, the Alex Meixner Band, comes from Florida and entertains regularly in Europe and all across America, including hot spots like Nashville and every major dance and beer festival in the U.S. Ultra-professional, polished, yet with a raw edge that brings audience members of all ages to their feet, Alex Meixner is known for delivering a huge infusion of energy to every performance.

Part of Alex’s appeal is his band’s choice of material. Playing everything from traditional Austrian, Slovenian and European material, combined with much-beloved material from all of the American polka masters, The Alex Meixner Band also draws from diverse sources like The Who, Led Zeppelin, Ozzy Osborne and other famous rock and pop bands, to fuse material into a performance that attracts the rock/pop crowd and the traditional polka crowd. An Alex Meixner Band performance truly offers something for everyone.
Travis Wetzel
With titles like “Polka Freak Out,” “Three Ring Circus,” “The Legacy” and audience-participation songs like “Why Die Thirsty,” Meixner’s CD projects reflect his frantic yet charismatic on-stage energy. With his long black hair wildly flying as he pumps the bellows of his beloved accordion, Meixner never fails to totally engage an audience.

For this special Polka Palooza show, Meixner and his band will be joined by three inducted members of the Berks History Center’s Berks County Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Veteran guitarists Mickey Fisher, Dave Lewis and Berks Country Fest executive producer Dave Kline will come together again as the Guitar Slingers to join Meixner and his band to help whip up the folks on the dance floor. Also jumping into the jam will be Grand Old Opry fiddler Travis “The Mad Fiddler” Wetzel. Polkas, rock, pop and country, the audience will get it all through the energy and showmanship of all of these musicians in a daylong concert at the family-friendly European-style beer garden and stage atmosphere of the Evergreen Club.

Here’s a look at some video of performances from last year’s Polka Palooza:

Run Away:  Alex Meixner Band with the Guitar Slingers

La Bomba: Alex Meixner Band with the Guitar Slingers